Video game industry versus Internet Gaming Disorder: ‘The match of the century’


Palabras clave:

gaming disorder, Internet gaming disorder, e-Sports, video games, video game addiction, self-regulation of industry


This article consists of a reflection on the clash between the interests of the video gaming industry and the health of consumers as defined by the World Health Organization and the American Psychiatric Association. The article discusses the history of the self-regulation of the tobacco, alcohol and gambling industries, then goes on to discuss the extent to which video games may gain establishment acceptance as sports, much as bridge and chess did before them. The article concludes that the category of sport can serve as a mediating force between the industry and the health of gamers.

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Xavier Cabonell-Sánchez, FPCEE Blanquerna, Universitat Ramon Llull

CatedráticoFPCEE Blanquerna, Universitat Ramon Llull