Discovering civic educational hackathons: an exploratory study


Palabras clave:

Hackatón, educación comunitaria, participación cívica, innovación educativa, cultura hacker


Educational hackathons are a new way to respond to some of the biggest challenges in education. This exploratory study seeks to define the key elements of these hackathons and to offer a theoretical and practical starting point for future publications and research. A literature review is carried out, with the information then contrasted with the experience as organizers of EDhack Raval, the first community-focussed educational hackathon in Catalonia. Observations, a questionnaire and interviews are used to add depth and objectivity to the wealth of data derived from field work. The results point to the valorization of the freedom of the creative process, the generation of community networks and social learning over the creation of solutions, findings that coincide with the latest research.Thus, the study concludes that educational agents would do well to appropriate, adapt and evaluate the assets of the hacker culture, making sure not to commit the error or organising hackathons that promote solutionism, elitism and competition.

Biografía del autor/a

Héctor Gardó Huerta, Universitat Ramon Llull - FPCEE

Doctorando en Educación por la URL. Miembro del grupo de investigación PSITIC-FPCEE Blanquerna. Responsable de proyectos en la Fundación Jaume Bofill.

Jordi Riera i Romaní, Universitat Ramon Llull

Catedràtic d’Educació de la Universitat Ramon Llull (URL) i Vicerector de Política Acadèmica i Adjunt al Rector (URL).